Artwork Requirements

Art Guidelines for LASER and Glass Etch Processes

  • LASER Engraving and Sand Etching require black and white, vector art.  All color needs to be removed, including white. 
  • Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw files are preferred.
  • If original vector art files are unavailable, artwork should be saved as vector line art.  Acceptable vector formats having the following file extensions typically work just fine: .AI, .CDR, .EPS, .SVG, and in some cases .PDF
  • Any objects with a black fill will be engraved.  Strokes, regardless of color or width will be ignored or cause problems. Strokes should be transparent.
  • White objects on top of other objects with the intent to hide part of the object(s) underneath will cause problems and should be removed even though they may appear to match the background (or look to be transparent). The laser tries to engrave them so they should be deleted or subtracted from the object they are sitting on top of. 
  • All overlapping objects are a problem and need to be welded/united/merged.  Example; some script fonts overlap where they connect.
  • Double check your art in wire-frame view mode.
  • Convert all text to curves or provide the font and/or font name used in the art.
  • Art service charges will be incurred for font searching and matching and for clipart searching and use.